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Within the world of my books, the term “ifrit” is tied to Aphrodite.

The term is co-opted to some extent by Eve when she takes the names “Winifred” and “Wendy.” In Winifred/Winifrid, we see the continuing concepts associated with Eve-such as “princess” and “virgin.” With Wendy, we also get the first sense of Eve actually being the “wandering Jew” that is spoken of in the Bible.

However, in my books, ifrit is not a type of djinn or spirit, but rather the actual energy force within supernatural beings. This would be akin to the concept of vril. The anagrams of vril include livr and rivl.

We also begin to see connections to Aphrodite and, perhaps, her strained relationship with humans.

In Icelandic, the name “Afrita” means a copy or back-up. As this was not likely the original name of the goddess, it would be necessary to trace back when her original name appeared and how it evolved to become Aphrodite. We may come to find that it was actually Eve, Eva, or Ava who originally held that title or that Aphrodite is a twin and, thus, a copy.