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The “mother of all game animals” in the Hopi tradition could be likened to Artemis or Diana in the Greek tradition.  The concept of her “making her home anywhere” is also echoes the story of the “wandering Jew,” though in my story it would be the “wandering Jewess.”

While I am not sure it has been studied, I saw an immediate similarity between the design of the Hopi wedding sash (“the big belt”) and the Jewish gartel (belt).

In my books, this comes about because Eve is following Lilith into the desert Southwest.

The word “Hopi” is very similar to the name of the Nile God, “Hapi.”

Also pointing to a connection with the Levant is the use of the crook in Hopi religious ceremonies.

There are also words similar to ma’at, hoopah, and naga.

Could the depictions of the “ant people” be similar to the helmets of European groups like Sardinian warriors?