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Palmyra is interesting, in relation to gods and goddesses, because of how they viewed Hercales, in particular. He was seen as being possibly identified with Nergal. This is strange because Nergal is a god of death and war, whereas Heracles (“Glory of Hera”) is noted for his strength.

His original name, Alcaeus, is a variant of the Greek Alkaios. There may be some relation to the poet on Lesbos.

And it makes me wonder if he is also, potentially, related to the Milesian poet who encountered the Tuatha de Danann?

It is said that he had a very tumultuous relationship with Hera and that his name was to mock her. However, given her reputed nature, this is doubtful. Also, there are depictions of him suckling on her breast through adulthood.

My assertion is that Heracles is actually a mortal and likely the demi-god status was a concession made.

The possible link between Nergal and Ares/Aries is more likely and obvious.