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Haunted Objects

One of the most haunted objects I had come across in the last decade or so was a book that I found on Craigslist. The man lived about forty minutes away and wanted to meet in a grocery store parking lot. It ended up being a Rite Aid or Safeway–I can’t remember.

He pulled up in a nice car (think Mercedes/BMW) and there appeared to be a car seat in the back. He said something about needing to get his granddaughter home but I did not see any child.

I handed him the money and left with hte book. That night I had horrible dreams. The dreams and events around the house got so bad that we asked a friend to take the book for a few days.

He reported also having horrible dreams and wanted us to take the book back. I contacted the Lorraine Warren and her office advised me to bury the book. I decided to sell it as a haunted object instead.

Someone from Missouri bought it from my Etsy store. He paid $50. The book made it to Missouri and then promptly disapeared. He asked for a refund. I later received all of the packaging, in tact, so that I could file an insurance claim but the book (and dimes inside) never arrived.