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Goidel’s Bite

The Green Bite

We began to see them on people’s ankles and knew that they had been “bit.” Then there were the personality changes and the “forget.” He wouldn’t believe me when I said that he had been bit. She was there the whole time helping to plan everything that happened to me-along with her cousin, his ex, and their “friends.”  Along with all those who wanted to take from me and destroy me. They bound him in his weaknesses and disguised them as strengths. He turned against me and thought I was liar and a fake. Vacillating between me being a whore and a saint. Even though we could have had everything with each other. The human females circled the wagons against me to keep the males, along with the power, magick and money. They threatened our lives and left me with no choice. Then they erased my memories. Soon after he had a wife and child. Once married, they started to drain him. He became a completely different person. Not realizing she and their “friends” and family had spells on us the entire time. She wanted the life meant for me. Not making any effort on her own to build a true life or career or path. She lied about who she was, her abilities, her wealth, her connections and acted like a child that needed him. Slowly, I started to realize that the others were able to put spells on us just by bumping into our bodies. Of course the reverse would require the same which is why they began to be on the move or run in groups. The last time I can remember someone bumping me was at a hockey practice in 2004. I didn’t realize it was a person from the past. What she didn’t realize is that I knew what had happened and that he and I never really let go of each other.

Notes from Gold ‘n Silver

Driving down 39th, the man in the lane next to me drove parallel to my car the whole length of the road. He had black hair, dark skin and was wearing a crisp white shirt.

As we reached the stop light, I saw his hand raise like a wand. His pointer finger and middle finger closed together, I could see his lips moving as though chanting and then he moved his fingers in a full clockwise circle before a hard-stop at the top.

The light turned and we began driving again. I warded and reversed what he did-whether positive or not.

A few months later, a man with long curly white hair and tan skin was sitting in his yard along the same street. It was warmer but I cannot remember if his shirt was off or just open. He looked directly at me and moved his lips as though chanting. Again, I chose to reverse and ward.

It was clear the magick had not stopped.

The year prior I saw some strange lights coming from the neighbor’s condo across from my apartment bedroom window.  There I saw the tenants-a couple- pointed toward my room. They were looking down at the candle each was holding and they were chanting or praying. When they finally looked up, they saw me and ducked behind their wall.  All I knew about them was that they were from Philadelphia. Shortly after they moved and another couple moved in. Strangely, the previous tenants left their blue car. It seemed to be communal. They took the compact vehicle the female had been driving with Pennsylvania plates.

Magick being performed on me was nothing new. I was just surprised to see so much of it around here. Several years ago I had walked out to my car to see a white footprint right by the driver’s side door. It had been made with white paint. In the Hoodoo Tradition, this might have been a hot foot-a spell designed to make me leave or move from an area. I did not cross it or touch it.

I got some red brick dust to protect my apartment. The neighbor from two doors down came outside. “Cayenne pepper? Yeah, I know about your cayenne pepper.” She was referring to one of two things. Either she knew that in Hoodoo, cayenne pepper can be used as an ingredient to irritate someone or make them move. Or she knew it was also harmful to cats, and she had one. She never asked what I was doing or what the substance was. It was not cayenne pepper. Unlike the magick she would later do, this was protective brick dust and nothing more.

She and the neighbor next door began to exhibit signs of practicing magic. Maybe the signs were supposed to be obvious but they were clearly learning to concentrate, to meditate and one of them had mirrors above the chair she used to meditate in-so she might have been learning to “hop,” or astral travel. The ferns I put up to gauge their activity began to die almost instantly.

All of this reminded me of back then-30 years ago now- when my friends started to get “bit.” A group had come up from Central or South America and was targeting us. They would “bite” individuals and that left two dark marks on their ankles. Over a day or so their personalities would change and they would start to forget who they were. They started to be manipulated. I cannot remember who they were or why they were here. But I thought of what someone said to me before anything had happened yet.

“Gale Glass is after you.” He stood there just looking at me.

“Who is that?” I honestly had no idea. One of the advantages everyone had on me is that they knew their history, their mythology and clearly their friends and family were teaching them about all of this. My family had told me nothing.

“I don’t know. I just know she’s after you.”

Memories are strange. My mind jumped to when my purse was stolen at school. I had been in geometry class and accidentally left my small burgundy clutch under the chair. By the time I remembered, it was gone. No one at the school really wanted to help. I finally convinced a teacher to talk to the guy who sat there during the period after mine. My keys and wallet showed up at the front counter.

Later I found the empty purse in the trash but the large piece of Moldavite he had given me was gone.

“Keep it with you all the time. It will help protect you.” He put the stone in my hand and then pulled me toward the padded bench along the thick cement wall.

So who in the hell was Gale Glass and why was she after me?

I didn’t remember any of that for a very long time. As I looked deeper into the history of Gale Glass, I learned that Goidel Glass had been a male. Legend has it he was bit on the neck by a snake and it left two green bite marks. He had to be cured by the staff of Moses. Goidel would later travel to or be born in Spain and his people would stay there for a number of years. Eventually he would join the attack against the Tuatha de Danann for the occupation of Ireland. But his warning was of a Gale Glass and referred to the person as a “she.” Clearly, I was dealing with a descendant or a name sake.

From the story about the bite on the neck, perhaps the original Goidel encountered a vampyre or even a relation of Lilith. In my story, Goidel encounters the individual who sired the line of Mary Magdalene. In any event, Goidel had to be cured of the bite before death set in. That could have set him and his family on a crusade to hunt down the vampyre and the rest of the serpent line. But that would be too simple an explanation.

First, there is the planned revenge of Scotia. And if they could include other humans or even hybrids in that objective, then it would require less of their resources. Second, fir bolgs and other “mythical” creatures offend the senses of the scientific Milesians. Third, the Milesians practice magick. Fourth, if the Milesians can vilify supernatural beings and have humans hunt them as sport or heroic feats, all the more for their amusement and gain. Fifth, if they can defeat other magical beings and somehow absorb their abilities while remaining outwardly human, nothing will be able to stop them.

Just to name some of the excuses they had made up over time, right? Or maybe it was all of those things and none of them.

That is when I looked up the etymology of Goidel on Wikipedia-From the Brythonic ancestor of Welsh Gwyddel (Irishman), from Proto-Celtic *wēdus (wild), from Proto-Indo-European *weydʰ- (wood, wilderness) (compare Old English wāþ (hunt”).

From Middle English galen, from Old English galan (to sing, enchant, call, cry, scream; sing charms, practice incantation), from Proto-Germanic *galaną (to roop, sing, charm), from Proto-Indo-European *gʰel- (to shout, scream, charm away). Cognate with Danish gale (to crow), Swedish gala (to crow), Icelandic gala (to sing, chant, crow), Dutch galm (echo, sound, noise). Related to yell.

Thousands of years later, their agenda was the same.

If so, that guy in the bomb shelter that night was in just as much danger as I was. And I could not remember his name, let alone how to warn him or find out if he was okay. And then I found a piece of information in an old book about serpent worship by John Bathurst Deane.