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Goidel Glass


Gael Glass was likely a woodwose or wild man of the woods. While they would not have had the supernatural powers of the fallen or descended angels but were likely shamans and practiced folk magic/medicine.

Now for those following my theory and story about the fairy in Peter Pan and Captain James Hook, this becomes even more interesting when you consider the Veneti people, those Gauls who may have fought the fairy kind of the Tuatha de Danann, were also known as the “Wendi.” One can also see the progression of colors used by this tribe from the green of “glas,” to the blue “Veneti,” and then to red. And the story of a human desperately hunting, following and copying an angel/goddess/fairy to be just like her. As well as the mate/son that Wendi sees herself as in the story when she both offers to be the mother of the Lost Boys but also hungers for Peter Pan. Yet her jealousy is overwhelming and perhaps was then set on also having Captain Hook. As we see in the evolution of the Gaels, the blue then goes black and Wendi’s need to ascend to Captain Hook and the fairy’s level leads her down a dangerous path to a dark and all-consuming magick.
And in looking at the winged lion of the Venetan flag, one can also see the lion Azlan.