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Godflesh is the title of one of my books.

For the purposes of my life and stories, I use the term “embodiment,” as opposed to avatar or incarnation.

So what is Godflesh?

On one hand, it has the same meaning as embodiment-a god in the flesh or in a body. For my stories, it is also something else. When the male known as Jesus is killed, his body is divided and that is shared among the tribes of Eve. They are cannibals so it is in keeping with their traditions. At that time it was called Godflesh.  While this particular use and term is not detailed by the Church or in the Bible, it is alluded to.

John is often seen as the most beloved disciple of Jesus. I would argue that because he does not suffer a martyr’s death or horrible end at all, he was likely actually the favorite of Mary/Eve. Whether he was involved in setting up Jesus for a fall has not been documented in any released scrolls or scripture.

While Christians take the passages about eating the flesh of Jesus to mean to consume his words, it is my contention that the words of John are to justify not only cannibalism but the eventual eating of his actual flesh.

This very issue does come up regularly among Catholics since they practice transubstantiation in offering wafers and wine in lieu of flesh and blood.