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I neither advocate, condone, nor practice energy harvesting. This is what some call psi vampirism or psychic vampirism. To me, the practice is parasitic and unhealthy.

Show me a psi vampire who does not eat food or take in calories. The psychic energy is not necessary for their survival. Is it necessary for their optimal existence? Were they born from a line or family that shares this genetic or biological need?

Additionally, auric energy is essentially a byproduct or waste. The person in question is using their good energy. Normally what they are “off gassing” or releasing is negative energy and emotion. So this would be what the energy harvester is absorbing and feeding on.

That is not to say they are not draining and this would signal to us a desire to cause disease or death to the person they are harvesting from. Otherwise, there would be no need to weaken them to such a state.

Finally, one would have to question the inherent strength of a siphoner or harvester if their own energy is so depeted or insufficient that they must harvest the energy or essence of others.