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Djinn Kings

In the cosmology of my books, there are 700 djinn kings, of whom the names are no longer uttered by man. To command a djinn requires one to honor each of the 700 by speaking their names. The forgotten tongues ensure that no djinn shall fall under the thumb of another or be forced into service of another being.

Stephen King is known to write about the Crimson King. The Red King is known in Djinn folklore. Crimson and Vermillion are associated with vampyre. He is also known in his literature as the Red King, Los, Satan, King of Spiders, and Ram Abbalah. His red eyes would also be associated with vampiric features.

Popular myth tells us that there are sevens djinn kings. The number of Djinn kings matches that of princes in Hell and is likely tied to this myth. Just as there are supposedly 72 names of Djinn and 72 Kings of Hell. Other stories tell of 6 Djinn Kings and 10 Kings of Hell.