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As detailed in my books, The Goddess Aped and The Lost Whore of Babylon, while Aphrodite also fell to earth as the angel Jophiel, it is believed that Eve tried to duplicate and claim this same origin based on her supposed extra-terrestrial birth. However, she began as an organism much like lichen or fungi that was on the piece of wood Adan Adam whittled as a type of golem. In this sense she was extra-terrestrial, but not as a fallen goddess.

However, while in my stories, Aphrodite does give birth to many demi-gods, she never refers to herself as the Mother of All Gods. The Goddess Rhea is referred to as this. Hestia is sometimes referred to as the Mother of All Gods, while Hera is called the Queen of All Gods. Isis was also called the Mother of All Gods. Since these were all faces of Eve, I would, with my current memories, believe that Cybel/Cybele was just another of the names that Eve adopted.

Many of the statues of Cybele are similar to that of Artemis. Others seem to represent her as an older female and possibly with a more pug or pig-like nose.

There are also connections between Cybele and Dionysus, which would point to her being a creation of Eve.

This does not mean that she was the only ancient goddess or even all the ancient goddesses. Eve was not a goddess. As with Isis, it was understood that these were humans. Eve took the concept of Aphrodite incarnate and create a myth of her own embodiment.  However, since she was not actually a goddess, she often referred to herself as Queen. And this is how we come to have female “deities” that are known as the Queen of All Gods.

Cybele is known as a bee goddess. In my story, Aphrodite is the bee goddess until Artemis Hera convinced her priestesses to come worship her and serve in her temple.