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So Bek (So Beck)
Unis (Eunice)
Fayum (Fey Yum)
Moeris (Mo Eris)
Petsuchos (Pet Such Us)(CH Pets Us) (HC Pets Us) (He Suc STP/TPS/PTS) (STP Stone Temple Pilots?)
If not So Bek-KE S.O.B./Bos/ ((Karen Eastman/Kate Eastman/Kim Eastman/Karey Eastman/Keith Eggers/Kevin Eggers/Karen Eggers/Karen Ellison/Edgar Keith/ Kerry Eastman- O KE BS/ KE O BS/ BS O KE/ OK E BS/ BE SOK/ BE KOS)
Shedet (She Debt/She Ted/ She Ed T)
Nome (Alaska/gnome)
Kom Ombo (Mok Boom) (Cum Om Bo)

These are Eve messages so they never spent a lot of time on them and I am probably making them way cooler and more complicated than they are but look between the lines.