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 I asked him to save the decorating for us. He said he would keep everything as original as he could but, “We won’t be able to hang any art.”


     “The walls are too thick.”
There was a flyer from his band. I can’t remember if it was in my hand or he had it in a box.
“You have to put that up.” He didn’t see the purpose and said it wouldn’t stay up anyway. I can’t remember our discussion about it.
But he promised he would and I know that we chose which wall carefully. Everything in the room was placed intentionally.
And he would have a chair for me. Two rooms in the whole house were all ours and that room was one of them-our room.
Later he showed me that he taped the flyer to the wall.
It was the only thing on the walls.
“Does it stay up?”
He laughed and said it slides down or falls off every few days and so he has to put it back up.
How can everything be so close and so far away?