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I was in San Francisco. It was 30 years ago. Someone had gifted me a pair of black pointy toed shoes they had from England. Unfortunately I was a size 5 and these were a size 6. So equivalent 7/8 in US. A group of us went to the club and I tried wearing them. Despite being a bit too big, I had every intention of keeping them and appreciated the gift. I cannot remember the guy’s name I was hanging out with but his girlfriend’s name was Stacey and she wanted my shoes. I was getting ready to leave and he wanted me to give her my shoes. I said no.

Also at the apartment was a small pug puppy. The guy then proceeded to sit on the floor, take one of the shoes and play tug-of-war with the dog. He then said I should leave them since they were ruined anyway. I threw them at her and left. As I was walking out the door, I said something about them not fitting anyway.

I had started to see my stuff come up on auction and resale sites so I inquired to see if these were the same ones. I did not want to sound like a complete lunatic, so I gave some details to the seller to see if they matched what I remembered.

I had to keep it pretty general and obviously couldn’t start asking follow-up questions. Her response is cropped to protect her seller name. But she goes on to say that one was damaged by her pug years ago.

What I can say is that based on the ad, there are two discrepancies. First, she did not buy the shoes. They were brought over from someone in England and I don’t even think they have a brand because it was a sample. Second, it was either 1991 or 1992 and not 1993.