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I think I was in San Francisco when one of the creators/artists of this deck handed it to me. There was no box but he said they were special. I asked why. He said they were coming out with an updated version soon but this particular set was hand-drawn and came from the year of my birth. I looked down and saw that it said “1974.” I thanked him but said, “I think there has been a mistake. I was born in 1973.” He looked at the deck and then me. “No, I could have sworn it was ’74.” He smiled and told me that either way, they were mine. I cannot remember who had a box. It might have been Thomas. I would have said William but I am pretty sure it was handed to me with a “here,” and that was a very Thomas way of saying “I thought about you and got you something. Don’t make a big deal about it or make me feel uncomfortable, but you better be totally appreciative.” So, until my memories come back, I am going to think Thomas got the box for me or gave me one off of his shelf. Unless it was one that William was storing tobacco in. Oh, memories, where art thou?