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The Grimaldi photo reminded me of one from my youth. Clearly I knew how to dress and sit. I was taught impeccable etiquette. However, there were photos taken of me that I do not feel were appropriate. My family took these photos and posed me this way.

And one can see I knew how to sit correctly.

This was a birthday party for me. I can’t remember one of the blonde’s names but she liked to look like me. Valerie had the white head band. We liked swimming together, but ended up no longer being friends. Shannon I lost all touch with and the male is my brother.

This one is a weird situation. I was given this as a gift and drew my flowers this way. Another girl in Ms. Hagen’s class started drawing her flowers the same way and gave Ms. Hagen a drawing. When she saw me drawing flowers that way, she went to Ms. Hagen and claimed that I had copied her. I had to bring this in to show my teacher that the flower was based on an heirloom. An heirloom that was later stolen so that I couldn’t prove I drew the flower that way first. Fortunately we had the photo.

This Christmas I have my vampyric colors, same ears, facial feature is a bit more Were here. The thorn is that all of my presents were household items and a solid hint to move out of the house. But the items helped so it was fine.