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The Pepi

In my book, Gold ‘n Silver, one group known to use serpent magick for dark intentions is The Pepi, also known as Popi. More recent generations have referred to themselves as the “ap” or the “a-pop.” One of their catch phrases is to say that someone has been “ap’d” or “aped, meaning that their magick has been cast on the individual and now their life is in a whirlwind.

While their name does not intrinsically inspire respect or fear, and they look unassuming, the fangs of their magick is quite powerful. And, like the god Aapep, they cause confusion solely for the sake of destruction. Some might welcome the changes in their lives but the goal of the Pepi is to keep one off balance and stagnant. This group tries to inhibit the positive aspects of fate or all the good that one is to receive in life. They identify themselves as black magicians and believe they perform the true chaos magick. At the core of this is their belief that if they draw power from the misery and confusion of their enemies.

Unfortunately for the Pepi, this only applies to humans.

While their name is borrowed or inspired by the god Aapep/Apophis, there is no indication that they worship the deity or even follow Egyptian beliefs. Taking the name Popi may have also been seen as a slight to the goddess Hecate or an attempt to take her sacred flower as their own as the group does not worship her. They may actually worship Cihuacoatl  or possibly Santa Muerte but unknown to the Pepi, she is another name for part of the Aphrodite triune that includes Hecate.

One area where we see the overlap between Eve and Lilith/Aphrodite story is in the Aztec myth of Xochiquetzal, but my assertion would be that Xochiquetzal is the embodiment of Eve as we see her being the “goddess of the garden” and prostitutes like Venus in Pompeii. She also is the “goddess of household arts” like Hestia.