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Tărtăria Tablets

In my books, I tell the people I know in Romania that their government is withholding the truth about their history. Their history and that of the Romani people were more significant than anyone has ever revealed.

There are several interesting elements to these particular tablets.

First, the person who discovered the tablets was Nicolae Vlassa. He died in 1984.

While the authenticity of the tablets is in question, they are believed to possibly be the earliest form of writing known to currently be in existence.

This means that, if they do exhibit a form of writing, the Danubian culture would predate the Sumerian and Egyptian cultures.

Second, there are words of other people and regions tied to those of the tablets including (v)inca and (da)nubian.

Third, there are similarities to other writing systems found on Crete and Cyprus.

Additionally, there is what appears to be a comb feature. This has also been found on Pictish stones in Scotland. The symbol is associated with fertility, mermaids and the Goddess Aphrodite. Another connection to Scotland is the term “Alban.” This is not only in Albania but also the Alban Valley these were found in.

A woman (Laura L.) I worked with in Olympia looks very similar to this photo.