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Over time, I have adopted the symbols of my family and those of emotional and spiritual importance to me. 

These symbols include many traditionally linked to the vampyre, such as the red rose and the ankh. The rose and heart were symbola of my maternal family, and are also symbols of Aphrodite. Our family color is a deep blood red. The coin of my house was taken from me in 1991 and I have not used that symbol since. As my memories return, this information will likely evolve. My chosen personal symbol is the red ankh.

Being Vere, I also hold the symbol of the red heart and the crown. Growing up, we were referred to as little acorns.

As 3-veined, also known as “tres-veigned” or “three,” I also sometimes wear symbols associated with the werewolf/wolven and the witch.

A high priestess (D. Crawford) also gave me my first cloak and witch’s knot.

During my 1991 Council (PA) initiation, I was given an egg as my symbol.