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It is said that the ancestor of the whale is an ungulate, a hooved animal, of unknown origin and is genetically most similar to the wolf.

This is interesting to me because the picts carved a wolven creature with a long snout. The ancestor of the whale is also said to have had a long snout. Could both creatures have actually originated from the same ancestor? We are not speaking of the lineages of ancient animals as studied by scientists. Instead we look to myth for the lost creatures of time. I look to the Scottish national animal for the origin of that creature-the unicorn.

The Scottish also have legends of an ancient people who are half-salmon and half-homonid. Studies have found that the Picts did not eat any seafood. Is it perhaps because they knew of these beings? Some believe the salmon are the animals not only of wisdom, but also of the records of human existence.  There are several ways in which people pronounce the Scottish word for these merfolk, Ceasg, but one particular pronunciation of the words sounds like it could easily have similar roots shared within what some in the mystic/occult, and specifically Theosophical, communities believe is the term for the human records, the Akashic. 

So why would a land animal return to the sea? Most likely to escape the new human species evolving.

But, in keeping with the ancient Persian myths, there might be a modern story even closer to the mythical truth-one that predates modern humans.

I would go even one step further than those books and theorize that the unicorn is derived from a species of bipedal shape-shifters who were somehow locked into a form they took-likely while trying to escape some situation. As much of a stretch as it may be, the proof might rest in the sensory ability found to exist in the horn of the narwhal.

Their tusk has ten-million nerve endings and is used for everything from finding food to finding mates. Most often found on males, if a shape-shifting wolf (read: werewolf) is an early ancestor, it could also explain why most stories and legends about the ability to actually manifest into wolf form is found in the males.

 And in the story of The Last Unicorn, as well as Lord of the Rings, there is a red bull. Is there any historical record of a red bull?