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So where did Aphrodite come from if the God Zeus is actually Adan Adam?

There are those who will claim that all beings on earth were once extra-terrestrial and, in a sense, that is correct. However, it is also correct that the Goddess Aphrodite was, in my book The Goddess Aped, originally the archangel, Jophiel.

Jophiel was the Beauty of God and ruled over the Cherubim. This would make sense as Aphrodite is the Goddess of Beauty and is often surrounded by cherubs. Jophiel is considered the guardian of the Garden of Eden. In my book she was Lilith and she evolved over time into many guises due to Eve. As Lilith, Jophiel considered the garden hers and the apples of the tree of life was hers as well.

Per my story, these were the three angels who came to Earth.

This role of Jophiel in the Garden of Eden is significant because it is Adam and Eve that convince God to cast Lilith and Samael from the Garden and when the tables turn, Eve cannot accept that Lilith was the first mate of both Adan Adam and Samael. She is jealous of Jophiel’s beauty and her place as an angel (later goddess). And Eve hunts Jophiel to get revenge on her for the life she is perceived to live.

Later, Archangel Michael (Samael’s divine brother), takes Jophiel’s flaming sword so she is made keeper of the scrolls and records. Samael also gives her his cup that God fills so she becomes a goddess of immortality and her line the Grail Line.

In my book, this is important because as my child is trying to descend there are several “resident” doctors and nurses coming in and performing medical procedures that could my child’s head.

The apple is also part of Aphrodite’s story when Eris (Discord) throws an apple into a party. While the apple is seen as a symbol of Aphrodite, it is also said that Jesus gave the pomegranate to Mary and Mary was the Virgin (equivalent to Hera, Diana, Athena, Persephone and Artemis). This would evolve as Eve tried to make Aphrodite look like a prude and the virginal nun unworthy of love or marriage, despite her being the one blessed with motherhood. It was Eve who wanted to be the wife and consort of both Adan Adam and Samael. She wanted Lilith’s gifts, abilities and titles.

While some see Aphrodite (both in her humanoid embodiment and as a mermaid) as vain for carrying a mirror, in my books she uses the mirror for psychic communication, divination and as a means to see what is going on behind her back.

Due to Eve’s (and at times even Adan Adam’s and Samael’s) efforts, over time, to erase Aphrodite, it is difficult to separate out the true symbols of the goddess or even the evolution of her names. This is something I highlight in The Fallen Goddess.