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Dolni Vestonice Triple Burials

What would a triple burial from 25,000 years ago have to do with my novel? It is part of the story in American Flats, where the multi-dimensional after-effects of the events in Gold ‘n Silver are felt. One of these is that my aunt moves to the South. Soon after, there is a triple murder near the Mississippi River. While I do not go into the historical details of those deaths (though it is interesting that they are each buried in a different state), it is my assertion in American Flats that the killings are ritualistic but it was not a ritual seen before. That is because it is a ritual to stop the power of our kinds. The victims were intended to be a pure-blood witch, pure vampyre and pure werewolf. However, the murderers were human and did not know what they were doing or how to identify bloodlines so the three humans with the Angelic go back in time to kill three pure-bloods and end the pure bloodlines, particularly that of the “three.”

At the Dolni Vestonice site, there are three teenagers buried. The area is an open site near a stream. Of note are that the middle skeleton had curvature of the spine. My thoughts on this are detailed under Skolios. It could be that the middle body was of the serpent line. The skeleton to the left has its hand on the genital area of the middle skeleton and the skull is pointed in a direction that would possibly angle the eyes toward that area as well. The skeleton on the right is linked in arm with the middle skeleton but is pointed face down and has a stake through the bottom part of its body.

If I were to look at this ritualistically, and in terms of reincarnation, I would see that the figure on the left would always be linked to the middle figure and lusting after that person. While the figure on the right would be linked in arm (so friendship or marriage) to the middle figure but is turned upside down so is never moving in the same direction and is focused on the past. They are stopped from being in-synch with one another. It would be the middle figure that would be the only link two the other figures. The middle figure has red ochre on its genital area and all three have red ochre on their skulls. This will be discussed down below. Additionally, I was immediately reminded of this image of wood wose/wild people and even the story of Adam and Eve. Additionally, it was common for vampyres to have second mates.

Some could even see this as a sacrifice to a triple-god, triple-goddess or three deities. For some reason, there is some resonance for me with the description of this burial and the Aztec masks of death and rebirth.

However, I would be more inclined to view this particular burial as a type of ritual-particularly in light of ancient views on reincarnation and the fact that the three skeletons are linked.

What would deserve further consideration is the wooden stake piercing the coccyx of the right-flanking skeleton. This would give me reason to believe it of a vampyre line by use of the wooden stake. The wood is through the root chakra. This is a stake through the essentials of life so that area has been pierced. This placement would promote a sense of insecurity and need. It could also insinuate that this person would forever have a “stick up the arse” mentality. Their being face-down could be to say they will always be moving backwards or looking back. Or perhaps one going into the future and one going into the past if you look at this from a multi-dimensional perspective.

A sense of continuous movement is also implied as the middle person would be the center point or fulcrum and the other two would revolve around it with one following after the other in a circular motion-constantly in chase but never getting anywhere. So, from this perspective, I can see the story of Adam, Samael and Eve/Lilith-along with representative Lilith/Eve buried a bit away from them. It could represent actual people in a complicated relationship or it could have been a human or supernatural high priestess (the other female) performing a ritual against three supernatural beings or perhaps the ritual being performed on all four and she is perpetually apart from her mate while the others are stuck in a never-ending, unproductive cycle together.

While the teeth of the skulls may not support this, my reasoning for believing these skeletons to belong to supernatural beings actually relates to that fourth skeleton that was found, along with a goddess figurine. It could also be that she was a supernatural being performing these rituals on humans or that a supernatural being left her “calling card” with these four humans. For the storyteller, there are many ways this scene could be told.

A premise I put forward in The Goddess Aped is that the Americas were populated by vampyre/serpent colonies and werewolves long before the Native Americans arrived. My theory involves the northern migration of humans as they followed the supernatural beings around the world. One of the supports for this, mythologically, is the use of red ochre symbolically for blood. There is also the notion of “red people” among many disparate cultures.

Red ochre was seen as having the property to re-animate/bring back to life or have life-giving properties. This was likely tied to particular beliefs on the afterlife and reincarnation. However, with the triple burials, it is difficult to tell whether the ochre was used in the funerary manner or as a type of bind in spellwork.

The solitary female found with the triple burial was believed to be a shaman. This would make sense if there were males or assistants or teenage children of hers that died with her (in a female-elder-centric society) or if she wanted to be bound to the other three for eternity. She could have also been binding the minds of the three and the pubis/reproduction of the figure in the middle.

Yet another option, however, is that the shaman was a necromancer and used the ochre for divination. Given that there is ochre on the pubis, this is likely tied to a binding spell (either curse or blessing) or some type of funerary rite.