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Cultural Vampire

Please note that I am not using the phrase, “vampire lifestyle” because humans do not know genuine vampyric life. That is to say, they have never lived life as a non-biological human. Thus, specifically, I am speaking about biological humans who either identify as vampire/vampyre or are cultural vampires.

Those that choose to be cultural vampires understand the basics and foundations of the life-particularly as portrayed in various media mediums.

Conversely, for many vampyre (primarily human=hybrids), and some werewolves, we often find ourselves being culturally human.

However, for non-hybrids, we do not think like humans, are not biologically human (despite being humanoid), and can never truly know what it is to be a human. We are living the lifestyle-attaining and, to some extent enjoying, the typical milestones and anonymity of the average human existence.

So what is a cultural vampire?