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Christian Lineage Mythos

It is said that the male known as Jesus was of Lilith’s line. More specifically of Lucifer’s. If so, this would tie him to both elven and vampiric lines. The spikes driven through his wrists were said to be made of iron ore to stop him from using any of his abilities. Whether this male was a magician or vampyre may never be known. He sat among 12 disciples for which he served as a high priest. That can be interpreted as analogous to a coven. And then the members of his coven likely betrayed him. For none, according to the Bible, tried to steal Jesus away or fight off his persecution. The Biblical story is that they were told not to but it was written decades after his death.

Every apostle had an agenda and their stories are not always consistent or parallel. Many documents of the Christian sects were gathered and destroyed. In addition, the King James Bible was collaborated on by over 50 monks. None of their original documents remain. The final Bible was overseen and edited by Sir Francis Bacon. As a known Mason, he would have had his own agenda as well. So the true story of the man known as Jesus may never be known. One theory is that there was an exchange of some sort. That Jesus had a twin who was crucified in his place. Or that Jesus accepted crucifixion to preserve the safety of his family.

However, what we do have from the story of the crucifixion are the symbols of the items used. Notice the serpentine nature of the thorn crown. While the exact tree species is not mentioned in the Bible, it is believed to be either the Sayla Tree or the Christ Thorne (Jujube). The thorns of the jujube tree are also reminiscent of the serpent’s fang.

Another thorny tree that grows in Jerusalem is the Hawthorne. The Hawthorne tree has long been associated with the fey. It has been postulated that Jesus is actually of a fairy line and that it was the Hawthorne thorns used for his crown as humiliation for his possessing supernatural gifts.

From tales of his supernatural abilities to the wine he and his disciples drank being referred to as blood and the cross his body was crucified on being referred to as a stake, I would believe the male known as Jesus to be a vampyre witch/magician. Within the Bible there are also many references to other people eating but not so many references to meals for Jesus. The main passages for Jesus eating are at the Last Supper, where he ate bread and drank wine, and then after the resurrection when he takes a bite of fish to prove that he is alive. And finally we know that before he is crucified, Jesus is cloaked in crimson fabric. Scholars note this was the color of prostitutes and criminals so it was thought to be a mean to humiliate him. But it is also the color of royalty, and of the vampyre. During the life of Jesus there are no Roman or Greek accounts of what actually happened–which seems odd if he was a significant figure at the time. All of the historical accounts are written in the decades and centuries following his death.

These ideas are touched upon in the books by Nicholas De Vere, as it is postulated that the royal Merovingian blood of Jesus is also the blood of the elven (translating to a version of “the vein” or Vein of El) and, thus, the vampyre and werewolf.