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Threefold Death

Humans like to say that, as a triune goddess, I have nine lives. This is not the case. Of course, humans also believe that they can sacrifice gods and supernatural beings-also untrue.

It is said that the threefold death is suffered by kings, heroes, and gods. There is the death of the human body, then the spiritual self, and then the reputation in of that person or being in the minds of others.

In my book, Gold ‘n Silver, I am gang-raped, beaten, and suffocated. When that does not kill me, I am threatened with a noose and a gun. Eventually, I am bled and my soul is bound. That bind is released to the ethereal when Aphrodite is split into two beings-one physical embodiment and the other celestial. This process protected my soul. Finally, my memories are erased, those of others are tampered with and the slow annihilation of my character began. At least that is what I am led to believe.

However, what those same humans forget is that this whole process leads to a complete rebirth as a stronger, more powerful being who stays in the hearts and minds of others for eternity.