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The Wikipedia etymology of Satan is of particular interest because some of the text in the Babylonian Talmud would suggest that Adam himself was kept “distant and astray” as punishment for his procreating a being in his own image.

From Wikipedia:

The word Šayṭān (Arabic: شَيْطَان‎) originated from the triliteral root š-ṭ-n (“distant, astray”) taking a theological connotation designating a creature distant from divine mercy.[5] In pre-Islamic Arabia, this term was used to designate an evil spirit, but only used by poets who were in contact with Jews and Christians.[6] With the emergence of Islam, the meaning of shayatin moved closer to the Christian concept of devils.[7] The term shayatin appears in a similar way in the Book of Enoch, denoting the hosts of Satan.[8] Taken from Islamic sources, “shayatin” may be translated as “demons“, satans or “devils”.[9]

Disturbingly, there is reference in the Islamic tradition of Satan refusing to bow to Adam and losing his place. This would certainly imply that the religious Satan is Lilith, Adam’s first wife. However, it also could be that Satan and the rest of the djinn are less powerful than mankind (unlikely) or, more likely, that Adam was not a human being. This is underscored by the idea that Adam accidentally had children in his own image withe human Eve. What does it mean in his own image? Doesn’t that mean the child would be whatever creature Adam was? Not necessarily. It means they could create life and if Eve was originally a golem or some other “empty vessel” as her name implies, she would have been incapable of breeding without the supernatural or magickal intervention of Adam. And to his offspring would come the notion that they are also demi-gods or worthy of supernatural abilities. What if Eve was of his rib? Again, not something that should have reproduced. So here we see that Adam did not simply want a companion. And of God’s command that Adam and Eve go forth and multiply? Why would God have forced Adam to create his own mate if that was his true commandment? Wouldn’t he have simply created one for him? Perhaps it was with Lilith that he was truly ordered to have children with or Adam create Eve out of clay like him or he was actually with a daugher.