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Most author’s books carry disclaimers that the literary work is based on fictional characters and events.

However, throughout history, many families have unwittingly found their names and stories on pages written by others.

Here are a few examples of similarities in names from my lineage.

Readers can do their own sleuthing.

   The character Charles LaFont, in the House of Night series, is said to be based on Tulsa mayor, Bill LaFortune.

   We have the Fortune family in our line, including William Fortune.


In the Fortune line is the Cullons family.



And Edward Swann is also in the Fortune line.

The Black family are also in our line via the Givens and Hamilton’s.







My great-great grandmother’s name was Arabella “Bella” Givens.

I also have 11 pages of ancestors with the name “Isabella.”

The Young line also includes the first woman executed in the United States-Alce Young. Her line came from Connecticut and a popular vampire book author’s family may have also originated there.