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La Malinche

There are several common themes within the legend of La Malinche.

1. The scorned or greedy woman working to corner a man into wedlock or gain power on her own and then is blamed for some horrible event.

2. This particular story has the interesting aspect of the whore versus the saint or wife.

3. Another interesting element is the concept of false identity.

Since the first point is fairly well known, I wanted to briefly focus on the second two. While there is no record of La Malinche having any known family or siblings, in re-tellings of the story, she mysteriously develops a twin sister. This twin sister will become the scapegoat for all of La Malinche’s wrongdoings and conveniently escape up north. The twin sister will also be immortalized as “the whore.” Some of the symbolism of this story very much echoes the Mary Magdalene versus Virgin Mary stories surrounding the Biblical Jesus, as well as the virginal goddesses versus Aphrodite.