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Romania has always held a special place for me. Although I did not think of it while I was in my “soul coma,” when I hear the language now, much like that of Portugese, it reminds me of words I not only knew but could speak.

Born with hip dysplasia, my left leg is shorter than the right and the foot turns in. When I was younger, this was regarded as “the sign,” though I am not sure I ever knew what it was the sign of or for.

The story of Milady Tartar is particularly poignant to me because she suffered from a shorter right leg and was considered a “holy woman” of some sort.

The history of Romania is filled with beauty and mystery but also corruption. Ancient texts found there have all but disappeared and the Romanian people have said they can no longer trust the history they have been taught.

While it is controversial, some tablets found in Romania may represent some of the oldest writing known to mankind.  Findings such as these could rewrite history for the entire human species.

Also interesting is that there existed a people known as the Vinca. Archaeologists believe they lived around 2700BC. Could they have anything to do with the Inca of ancient Mexico or South America? From 1438 to 1533, the Incas flourished in South America. Finding commonality in lore or language would be a great research project.