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Two Little Pigs

Two little pigs Running around the farm Two little pigs Set about to do harm Their bikes have returned Dirth of the beared Running their mouths like people who think they are feared. Two little pigs of filth and mire Convinced none can see through that which they...

Von Whacko

You know what his connections are as his other writes vampire fiction. I will put this very plainly. Nothing of me or our lives is to be spoken to her, him, or their kind. And do not be so naive and desperate that you would fall for her or him trying to get closer. We...

8.8.88 Blonde

The one he focused on isn’t the one he focused on. Faces were changed. Facts were rearranged.

May Day

Gypsy Ravish once told me that on Beltane, one should collect the dew of the morning and rub it on their face to preserve their youthfulness.