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As you can see, the etymology of Buddhism (Buddhi) is the same as Bouda. And also the same as Boudica (the famed heroine of Britain).

The root word means “the awakened.”

From there, we can see the development of last names from the word “budislav.” Some etymologists believe the word “slav” means glory. Others see it as deriving from the same root as the word “slave.” However, I would assert that the word actually means “other.” In this case, it would mean the awakened other or other awakened. With the vampyre, werewolf are referred to by several names but “the other” is one of them. Collectively, we also refer to ourselves as “the other” when referring to us and our relation to mankind.

This becomes particularly interesting when considering the development of Buddhism and rumors that the man known as Jesus travelled to Central Asia. Some said he was actually also the Buddha. Could this mean that the man known as Jesus was also a vampire or werewolf?

And what role has the vampyre played in the development of Buddhism?