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Many have heard in the news about a “rape room.” What is that likely based on? A room a human (not the one in the news) had made with grey soundproofing padding. His sole reason for making it was so others could brutally rape me without fear of being caught. It was also why I had to “sleep” for 20+ years-so they would be outside the statute of limitations for prosecution. The tapes made helped put one of them through dental school. Many enjoyed the tapes and made large sums of money. Someone (the one in the news) took inspiration from it. A certain female (also in the news) had no problem with what was done to me or in seeing the tapes or imitating my kind professionally. She was also friends with and an admirer of Ms. __________ __________ _______ (hint: “wants a cracker”) and displayed this admiration through her creative work. This group’s ongoing gangstalking, voyeurism and posts to the dark web still make them money to this day and he (not the one in the news) considers it non-stop “rape” of me and is proud of it.

Let’s hope she is brave enough to reveal all of that.