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Notes from Gold ‘n Silver

I was at my babysitter’s house. Her son forced himself on me as part of an initiation. I don’t think he wanted to. “If we don’t do it, they will,” she said. As I took a bath after, she pushed me down and held my head under the water.

Approximately 10 years later, I was gang-raped and beaten. When none of their attempts to kill me worked, they were going to shoot me but he stopped them. “She is too hot to die. If this other one doesn’t work out, I don’t want to be stuck with one of these dogs.” Instead, I was bled by some hybrids.

The third came in an elevator. They had forced us into separate elevators and a person I thought to be a friend took out a gun. I could see his hand shaking as he pulled the trigger. My one had already been sliced and diced by his supposed girlfriend. A part of me remembers two older people entering the elevator with his body. They had a professional photo of him and some photo of me. They used them to revive us.

A human tried to come and negotiate. He said that I could live in a dimension where my mate returned but would not know me and wouldn’t be a vampire. The one who attacked him had also negotiated and she wanted him. What none of them realized is that we were not to die the threefold death. We were not to be negotiated with or sacrificed. Our vampyre scrolls outlined our lives and nothing these humans did would override it.

They thought God had agreed but that was not so. God had made a covenant long ago to not interfere with the scrolls once written and sealed.