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I never wanted my kinds to hide within the human world. In 1991, they went even deeper and, despite my warnings, started to not only marry humans but breed with them and be like them. I am at the juncture of wanting to create a new system/culture/society that has nothing to do with humans or their ways. We can remain professional and courteous with them but nothing more. That will be difficult for those that have human mates and children but after how I have been treated, I see no value in remaining amongst the humans. And I will say publicly that if I had my way, the hybrids would have to choose which path to live, as would their children. That is not to say that the children would never see their human parents but they would be raised in our ways and be loyal to their supernatural kinds. For me, I have no interest in returning to what systems fell apart back then or having anything to do with what they have built since. It was toxic and, from what I have seen, has only grown more so.  As the goddess of beauty and immortality, I will rescind all gifts given by me so there will be little reward for them remaining hybrids other than physical traits or power relationships/dynamics. I will no longer feed or support this system. What I encountered was nothing short of constant sabotage, betrayal, hate, discrimination, etc. The mediocrity is astounding. And for those that have literally stolen intellectual property to others being “inspired” by my life and writing (also theft) if you have to steal from me, it shows you and the other humans had nothing to begin with and are capable of nothing but the same blatant mimicry,destruction and grasping desperation of Eve. And I will never remain silent about that. Also, while I long suspected them tainting our food and drink, tonight I found something horrible in my dinner. We will no longer be partaking of any restaurants or fast food. They have been unconcerned about me or my child despite me asking for help when I thought he was lost at a restaurant or sick. Their sad, desperate women have tried to compete with me and all the way to their idiotic social experimentation. I now see they have always been the puppets of human handlers. The vampyre and werewolf became desperate breeds wanting nothing less than securing the love and acceptance of humans while retaining their status as kindred. And I remember the human male telling his girlfriend that they would never surrender leadership of the system and would kill me first. That is not inheritable by a human and you are mortal. Without my blessing on them, all vampyre and werewolf are human. I will never serve under a human. They are relating to Biblical teachings that I do not follow. We do not have to be obedient to mankind or a human. Your poison shows in everyone I see from the system. The toxicity of humans being in the system is all to apparent. I want nothing to do with it. I am choosing a different way.