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I “slept” for thirty years. This meant I left goth so I could meet Shawn. He was completely normal, a former Jehovah’s Witness, and us being together made no sense. Somehow, even with his issues, we managed four years together. During that time, I did not indulge in much of my former interests. He even walked out on me, in a movie theater, because he could not stand fantasy. He found the Narnia movie too “satanic” and literally drove home without me. He later came to pick me up but…

In meeting Noel, he was more open to my interests but I was still bound and took no interest in anything of vampires or their culture. Then I woke up.

For a month or so, I had random words come to me in other languages and a couple of days ago, a guy in a Facebook Vampire Community asked for a vampire name that started with V. I posted “Vandunmere.”

Then last night we watched Vampire Academy for the first time and I heard that same word. I asked Noel to document it so the whole thing was not my word against anyone else’s.