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Baba yaga’s Book Club-
I have been hot-footed near my car.
Had a car tire flattened.
Then neighbor J. accused me of spreading cayenne pepper when it was red brick dust.
Caught the ones from Pennsylvania who were across from my bedroom window holding candles and chanting while staring into my room.
So I have had my normie neighbors low-key dabbling into the black arts for awhile now.
Tonight I was outside and the short stocky guy with curly hair in Hitman Hotel (bldg next door where the PA folks were staying) was talking to a female and said, “that’s one of ours right there.”
One thing my neighbors and the humans around here are super into are code words. They use male for female and switch hit key words as substitutes. Problem is we don’t care. We did that as teenagers for our kinds. So if the humans are running the system, it means our kinds are subject to them and that is something I will never do. I have no interest in any system that includes humans.
So if he meant I am their vampire-no.
Targeted individual-don’t worry asshole, you will be soon too.
Their witch-no.
Their bitch or ho-no.
Their problem-I’d say that is for certain and it is not a problem they are going to want.
I am guessing they have brought in yet another witch. However, now things have changed.
There will be no further attacks.
My neighbor tried at 3am this morning and had blowback. I didn’t even have to move a finger but heard everything.
Maybe they are working for W’s wife. Who knows? Or one of his many exes or my cousin/cousin’s ex. These people are insane.
And I am not sure he realizes that he is currently under my protection from the selection process but that is only because he is my vampyre husband. He can have a forward-facing human spouse in some cases but they do not come first. In fact that family rarely sees or interacts with the vampyre. If he ignores me as his spouse and my child as his primary family, then the relationship dissolves and he loses the protection. I won’t have to have a formal divorce-it is abandonment. He also loses his status as a vampyre. His choosing our mortal enemies as his spouse/family and priority means that he has chosen to be human. If she is having spellwork done to make this happen, she and all those doing the magic will be broken. This isn’t Buffy the Vampire Slayer or TruBlood. Only our human-hybrids can sustain human relationships and even those can be dangerous for them. They will slowly revert back to being human and age. And if W goes human, his family must be careful. If they lose him, they lose everything. Once he is no longer married to me, his vampyre family will cut him from their line and he will lose all inheritances and support (if any.) They will need to survive on the human female’s money or his job, etc. And if he passes away, the vampyre and/or werewolf will have no problem taking their home and assets as they will see it as her fault he is no longer of us.
I made contact in more than one way. I was ignored, rejected and had an investigator called on me. His human, in whatever capacity, has led to me being questioned by a human and rejected by my vampyre mate. I lost my time with him. All of our travels, joys, and the work we were meant to do together. These are unacceptable. I do not chase. I cannot and will not force his hand.

Our systems are not compatible. She would need to know that protection came at a price, as did the abundance. Any life insurance or inheritances from him or for him from his vampyre family would revert to me as payment for my loss of his time and affection. Also he must return all of the belongings he currently has of mine. If he fails to, then she must or our kind will confiscate all of her assets. There will also be payment required for what she did to the shawl with the fringe to impact my hair. That will not go unpunished and will be even easier to do once he and I are no longer married. One thing humans need to realize-they do not win in these relationships and do not belong in these relationships. Period.

And if W. abdicates his place for his version of Mrs. Wallace Simpson, then his family cannot then wonder why they are not heirs to the throne or inheriting the crown jewels. Just as Edward had consequences, there are for choosing human if one is a vampyre. But given what kind of wife she has been and the affect it has had on him, I hope he will give this choice great consideration.

Whatever comes, they did to themselves.