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Baba Yaga’s Book Club-

When I was going through my selection process, everything fell apart into complete chaos and the lab began to threaten us with cloning and to destroy the original. They would become our Doppelgangers and our kinds would be set for destruction. I worked out an agreement for my groups to not feed in exchange to not be killed instantly en masse. Now I realize I should have turned them on the humans immediately. It was the subconscious restrictions of my religious beliefs that kept me from defending and leading those I loved to the best of my ability. In one of the look forwards a person who is dear to me was switched out with a prisoner in the California or Nevada Prison System by witches and magicians. If that is the case, it makes sense that his “replacement” would fear me. But we can’t jump the gun because he would also fear if he is “sleeping” or if he set me up to be hurt. So it is time to sort this out.

 There could be very simple–even if painful–explanations. However, he had never stayed in a relationship this long with a human. Also, we knew her “one” and her ex were both truck drivers. What wasn’t known is whether they were the same person. Her ex was locked up so it could be she exchanged their souls or I should say found someone who could. This hopping is possible though not easy and requires a magician with great skill.  I cannot remember the year when his brakes gave out but we stopped “talking” in the 5-D (that I am aware of) around the time I married my second required “helpmate.” This first one actually left me at a movie theater after walking out on a movie he didn’t like and I remember him saying that the second one liked movies and he couldn’t bear thinking of us spending that time together so he wanted us to watch as many movies together as we could in the 5-D.

His social media posts also don’t look like his. The only reason for this might be that he is in fear of some person or group. And the reason I think it might still be him is that she looks miserable. There was a time when she looked quite pleased in photos but this is likely because I couldn’t hop in anymore. I was there for him getting Christmas trees, important ceremonies, etc. But for a long time they have both been miserable so either she and “Tom” realized they don’t love each other or it is the real him and they are stuck or he is being a sadist (which he did know the Marquis so…).

But don’t think Doppelgangers and replacements or clones are fake. I had a chiropractor (J.G.) who stopped practicing. The last time I saw him he was dating a kind of homely looking woman from Canada (in retrospect prob. either rich or there was magic involved). At the time he had a 9yo daughter who shared my name but not the same nickname. Fast forward 15 years and I decided to look him up to see if I can go get an adjustment (he worked wonders for my back and leg length back then). I saw the practice had closed but there was a Canadian man with the same name living in Florida as a musician with a daughter named Nicole who had the same nickname as his daughter but was–15.

Now this is not to even say they are clones or other beings. These could be other “inhabitants” of the vessel. So similar to what one thinks of as a possession but not by demons, per se. They could be dead people, switched souls, multiple souls, demons, aliens, etc. One has to remember that the body is a vessel. So you could have a forward facing being, back facing being and several working on a subconcious level. This could explain multiple personality shifts. It gives the impression of someone being mentally unstable when they are not. Or perhaps giving the impression of liking someone or hating someone or even being a bad partner or bad parent when the actual soul meant for the vessel is not necessarily in control. The danger in this is that there are truly mentally ill people out there–including the ones that do this kind of possession.

In my own family, I saw marked changes in people’s personalities and if there are replacements, they are definitely in fear of being found. They are operating on their best, milquetoast behavior. But now I know so they are done.

Return what is mine or be returned to what was yours. This is your only warning.