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When the humans began to take advantage of my situation in 1991, there was one who wanted to use a previously unknown to the outside world. She used it as a book cover. Others wanted ideas for work or help getting promotions. My belongings were stolen, someone took my place in my societies, took my certificates, even used spellwork to take beauty and finger-length and my hair and health were affected. They even hobbled and cut-off my legs (luckily I knew a necromancer), broke my back and took my astral 3rd arm. The females of the human group cut my mouth and nose and carved all over my body. My soul mate was taken and given to another female and I was forced into relationships not meant for me. I am sure there was quite a bit more that I cannot remember, including two mental health professionals using hypnosis on me to put my inner child in a black box. A past-life regression therapist was the first to make contact with her and I have a cassette of those sessions.

Authors used my life story and one made me write a vampire manuscript by hand, partially in blood, after being tortured. I was gang-raped, lost an unborn child, and was beat. They wrapped me up and tried to suffocate me with stickers they made. That same group then brought out a noose, and forged suicide note and threatened to hang me as a witch. One of them claimed to be a descendant of the Putnam’s and told me to learn my history. Then she said they were Christians and not witches.

There was porn made of me. I was forced to do substances that I never did again but a photo was taken of me levitating (polaroid).

As part of the continued human assault on me, a woman wanted to design a doll of me as Red Riding Hood. I wanted the doll designed with a black dress since I was goth and had black mary janes on. I was shown the finished doll-she had a white dress with lace and her cheeks were full like Eve’s. The face did not look like mine and the hands were oddly shaped. The cape was correct though and the hair color matched mine.

Gods and Goddesses were here and existed prior to humans. We do not need humans or their worship to survive. I have seen how little those who say they worship any of my triple goddesses actually do. And for that, I will never help another human again. Let them exist without the fertility, protection, abundance, and vitality of my triple goddess while I heal from their unprecedented abuses of me. No humans or their ilk will ever do such a thing again.