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For some time now I have tried to trace this back to some event or harm caused but those do not exist. And, if they do, it is because these people orchestrated it to happen in order to justify their actions.

They will say they hate the darkness of our souls
but how can they know of such things without the light?
It is not the darkness that they hate,
it was the light shown upon themselves.
They hate awareness.
They want to be zombies.
They want to return to the original state of life in the garden before the sin.
The number of sin is 17.
My theory in the Goddess Aped series is that Eve is Sophia (who eventually becomes Athena) and that she was also Judith (the “widow” of the exiled Adam) who asks God to make her a better liar as she could not lie about who ate of the fruit first and without a male, she will need to survive the world of humans on her own. And from Judith we have the “king” Judeah and I put forward that Judaism came from Eve as a means of helping tame the humans and the acquired taste for sacrifice that was running rampant. But it also explains her (and the Jewish) hatred of magicians and the supernatural. Though it is Eve herself who was the Witch of Endor. Meaning, in the end, she is okay with the power as long as she is the only one able to wield it.