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In 2015, I bought a book from a guy in a store parking lot. He acted nervous when we were making plans to meet and insisted it had to be that night. When he brought the book to my car, he pointed to his and talked about a child in the back seat. When I looked over, there was no child there.

We immediately began having problems when I brought the book home. My vampyre side was still “asleep” and unknown to me. While I do stumble onto haunted items, none have reacted like this. I reached out to the Warrens.

Since I had a young child, a friend of ours took the book to his house to see if it would make a difference. I figured that the book would only have an effect on us but he reported having horrific dreams and wanted the book picked up. It was a rare(r) book so I sold it quickly on Etsy to a man in St. Louis. The book had tracking but disappeared when it reached Missouri. Somehow, I received enough of the packaging to file a postal claim and then had to refund his money.