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My day job was in the transportation industry.

Someone needs to invent solar-powered (with battery back-up) lights for pedestrian crossing without crosswalks and a crosswalk hazard light when people want to cross. These could be tall and thin, almost like mile posts, but inserted into the ground with cement so they have some permanence. This could cut down on the cost of maintenance and electricity, as well as potential pedestrian deaths. The ROI reports would come from statistical analysis of injuries and accidents at the areas that did not have lighting versus long-term graph of accidents/injuries at same locations following installation of lighting. These lights would/should be less expensive than full street lights over time and could be moved if need be.

There also needs to be a city-quadrant focused crew that does QA. This means they check for potholes, quality of repairs, material standards to see if the city should invest in/manufacture new asphalt material, line upkeep, signage issues. This could be compared to related claims via Risk Management, as well as material/repair costs and the number of repairs to the same areas for possible ROI reports. This QA would also show a stewardship of public funds in reviewing the effectiveness of repairs and materials, as well as keeping up on the repairs needed.