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When he said she was often parodied, I did not realize it is because her name is Karen. And that is what he refers to her as.

Such a complete sham.

From her personality to cello “playing” to her clothes to her boobs to her supposed inheritance, money, and magic to her name.

I remember when he told me dressing their son in the little baseball outfit was all her and he hated it.

He hated everything about life with her. They never belonged together. It was all orchestrated. A theater of pain.

All. Fake.

All. So. Very. Completely. Human.

This explains so much and means so little.

You know what the natural enemy and predator of the owl is? Well, the eagle and other owls but mainly humans.

Remember that.

And you said everything would realign when 100 was reached and no harm would come with that shift. That number was accomplished. I kept my promise.

Remember that too.