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Gold ‘n Silver-An ex, who was a magician and artist, brought this to my house to start learning demonology and working with demons. When we would commune with a demon, the bell would turn and ring. I bought it back off the internet in perfect condition but the hanging piece that it slid into was not included (or taken from what I remember) so I hung it on a regular hook. It fell and two of the bells shattered. I superglued them but may need to see about a better repair in the future. It was painted purple so I cannot remember if Ron brought it over or someone else and painted it purple as my color.

It was later stolen with my other belongings and put up for bid on Ebay.

Before my memories had returned, I had a dream of the shadow person that people call The Hat Man. He came into my room with another tall, faceless shadow person and they both leaned over me. I started screaming and called to God. I then felt a thud below my feet as though I had been dropped from several feet. When I awoke, I was standing near my bed and still screaming.