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He is sentimental, you know. So am I, I suppose. I created a photo album/scrapbook for him that contained photos of us. She had a spell done to put her face on them instead and gave it to him as a gift. Just like I got him the shrunken head and urn. You could not have traveled to where I had to go for those–no one could. Yours is the mask between us. Mine has the wings and mark. The mermaid and the pirate. The unicorn and the bull prince. We are no longer divided or at odds. As I speak it, it is so. You will no longer be a wedge, nor will any others from the past. And the past cruelty and deceit will be no more.The truth will come out. And don’t think you won’t pay for cutting my “hair” you fake, sneaky bitch. I say to her-Those are not your memories. Those are not your moments. That is not your mate. I no longer accept your lies, deceptions, demands, or magick, or anyone else’s. I will have what is mine. I will keep what is mine. I will enjoy what is mine. I will be proud of who and what I am. I accept my gifts, rights, talents, and abilities. I will not hide or be silent for anyone. I will not give to humans anymore. The time has come. I give tribute to no one. I give sacrifice to no one. I owed you nothing. Now your piper calls.