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I went to the liminal. I saw a moon creature being ordered around by two others who had wands. She looked oppressed and miserable. Another artist made a drawing of it last year.

I also saw little liminal creatures that an artist has represented for a very long time. I had to draw the first set. Without that, he would not have had as successful an art career. “Smell the finger.” I was shamed as a witch and as a supernatural/preternatural being. I am exactly what I claimed to be. He saw it. He saw the bastard who cut off my legs and raped me and threatened me then cut the hood off of my cape. He then made it into an umbrella to preserve what was left. That is mine. Just as the signed and numbered vampire trading card deck that had to be given to someone was mine. I did nothing wrong. Someone else did and I took the blame. That will never happen again. I will protect myself and my family. Have you not read the books about me? Have you not seen the movies? Yet you still want to play with me. Where are the movies and books about all of you? The whole system is rot and needs to be cleaned. My abilities, my powers, my talents, my health, my birthrights, my words, my memories, my training, my accomplishments, my loves, my style, my beauty, my loved ones, my creations, my belongings, my history, my kinds, my titles, my place, my money, my property, my truth and my life are all mine. I was no fraud or liar. They all saw it. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. And then the jealous, bitter bitches turned their backs. Their ghosting, gas-lighting, lies and set-ups and scapegoating will no longer stand.

I will never give another artist that kind of gift ever again. I will never write another manuscript under duress or fail to get credit. I am never going to be their sacrifice or their triumph, They get nothing from me. I will never again be abused or have anything taken from me.

I know who and what I am. More importantly, I know who and what they are.