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This was a close friend and me. I think the old woman might have been related to him-like a grandmother. She was scared of what she saw in my hand. She would take my hand, look at it, push it away and then ask to see it again.

This was me having to take another individual’s (Eve) punishment in hell. An artist drew what I looked like and what it looked like there. The cut on the mouth is the opposite side as mine. I was cut with a knife during a rape and the line is much smaller.

There is a story behind how these ended up where they are. It is not mine to detail but the person who took them should and then return them.

Google Images is obviously not all inclusive or exhaustive or fail safe, but I did try to search for similar paintings in order to show that these were unique and completely original. I welcome others to show me if there are vintage originals of the same on the market or they have more information, but it is my assertion that they are originals and unique. They also do not belong to the current owner and need to be returned to me. This is the only notice they will receive. The will of the universe and me will follow as a curse has been placed on all items, positions, property, relationships, titles, places and money taken from me. For those fools who think they will do the same to me or mine in the future, you won’t. That is your only warning.