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I have a theory that Captain Hook from the Peter Pan story was actually in love with the fairy Tinker Bell and trying to impress her to win her away from Pan. Another clue might be in the Twilight books. Renee/smee or Rene/smee. Either way, it may give a clue to the modern Smee’s name.

Or if you take the first letter of the combination: R(e) N(e) S(e) M(e)
This could be the first initials of the main people involved: Ron Nicole Stephenie Mike(vampyre not the werewolf) (the S could be for a Steve, Simon, Scott, Simeon, etc. There was a werewolf there that was not Michael.)

It could also point to meseneer/mesenere/nereseme/semeneer/semenere

There are roughly 2500 anagrams (English and other languages) this word could make, in addition to proper names like:

Rene Mees

Which there is a Nii Kole Mees who is a recording artist in Estonia.