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There is only one person on the internet with a name close to mine and that is Nicole Anstett.

That was until today. I do random checks to see what has popped up regarding me on the internet and today I learned of Ashley Nicole Anstedt Ramirez.

Now I do know a Nick Ramirez from Carson City. He was an ex of Kathy/Cathy R. and I had gone over to his house with Heidi W.  I don’t remember us being incredibly close but that could be intentional or part of the amnesia I am recovering from.

Back then there had been talk of my eggs being harvested because the males involved thought I would not be able to have children as an older adult. The human (Gary/Greg/Phil/Steve/asshole biker guy) whatever his name was had arranged for two karmic marriages for me that would bring me to almost 50. He was literally forcing us all to stay in these weird arranged marriages that we were picking at 17. See how many students from that time were married early and/or stayed married to people they met in high school. In any event, he had no idea what he was talking about so just more proof of him being some nasty human. One, I don’t become infertile. Two, that scumbag did not know that vampyres do not have karma. I didn’t have to do jacksh*t that he said. And that is my regret. I will publicly say I wish I had used my power back then to just lay them all the f**k out-permanently.  My understanding, however, is that the Vampyre refused to allow the procedure and none of mine were taken. Who is to say what came of it all until my memories come back. I do recall there being some talk of me not knowing who got eggs and Nick said if he did, he would literally put my name in the child’s name so maybe that was the case but I believe eggs were actually donated by someone else. 

Maybe Nick and I were close. Given the fact that I often wore a black headband, it makes the latest Sabrina the Teenage Witch Series questionable. Vampyre do not operate on one dimension or time stream so it is possible for an opportunist to come forward and then go back. Meaning, comic book writers could be someone from the present who went to the future for content and then back to the past to develop the story and then just stayed with the timeline or there could be an opportunist who is time hopping to provide content for pay. If so, it would be a hybrid or demon and both in violation of the continuum so their time would be up for eternity. I know there was a male I was supposed to be with who had his voice mapped to someone else and I am sure they did the same with mine. I cannot remember who it was yet but at this point all I can look to is William.

Anyway, with my youngest sister being Ashley, that discovery was a tad surreal. I wrote my mother about it so I am interested to see what her reply/excuse will be. People owe me lots of answers, even more money and equally substantial credit for their IP/success. Perhaps it is just a weird coincidence.

Plus this woman is up in Bellingham-which is where I went to college-but they are near Kathy/Cathy who apparently moved to Whidbey even though she knew nothing about it when we met but was part of the whole trying to take the title of “Witch of Whidbey” from me back in ’91 so that is of little surprise. And it makes way more sense now that I overheard Hilary C. was saying she planned on moving up to Bellingham so she could “bump into “him.” Was the him Nick, Matt, Tim, Justin, etc.? Who can say? If Nick and I had a close relationship back then, I am sorry it was lost. However, Cathy and her friendship was one of the worst things to happen to me. It was her “let’s get the party started” that brought forth nothing but pain and agony-not to mention the loss I suffered and also the magic she and her sister did. Those two sisters are walking examples of complete toxicity and nothing but hollow balls of base emotions, knee-jerk reactions, devout followerism and insane jealousy–prototypical Eve. Ron lived close by them I am assuming to be close to her sister Shari. Or maybe her friend/cousin Tara (not related to the William situation-Cathy was related to the “blonde” Tara who later dyed her hair back to brown and “blonde” Ami. I think they used to joke that they were the 4 or 5 (depending on who they were with) non-blondes even though they all had dyed their hair blonde. I have no interest in ever scraping the bottom of those barrels other than to finally laugh my way to the bank as I end those chapters once and for all.

So my mom suggested I Google her. It got a little weirder from there. It seems she is only 24 so she was born 6 years after the whole incident when I was 17 but given that she was born in May, whatever went on back then was likely around the same time (there are no coincidences by-the-by). Then it looks like she had moved from (in no particular order) Wisconsin (history of Anstedts and where Mike X. lives) to Bakersfield (where Shawn E. lives and William is from) to Palo Alto (where Fred R. lives and not sure who else) and then up to Bellingham. Maybe it was this gal who hoped to bump into someone since she moved around the time Hilary C. was saying it? Either way, it is bizarre and if she is in any way trying to tie on to this train, she had better plan for her derailment.

As far as I can remember, I only know a few people named Nick. One is the ex of a person I knew in Carson named Melany D. Then Nick Ramirez. My sister knows a guy named Nick who lives in Idaho. And then there might be one more Nick who became a cop. Though there is only one Ramirez. And there is no tie to Nick Ramirez and this lady that I am aware of And the only tie of a Nick to my life right now is some person named Toni is tied to a Nick and mortgage companies keep calling and texting my phone for her and Nick. Whomever these people are, they are clearly up in it or the universe figured I needed a blog post.