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Was his name Phil or Steve or Gary or Greg?
Keith knew Steve C. Said he was tall and blonde.
This one came to my house with his girlfriend. He was related to another named Scott and a bald Hispanic man was with them after.
Hobbled, cut, robbed, etc.
He orchestrated all the pain and decisions, acting as an administrator of the system.
Now I see he is nothing. All his power is gone. His taste of the gifts smacked from his dirty mouth.
1. He didn’t see that there were certain ends that could not come but more importantly, Evergreen.
2. He saw ruby slippers when they were written as silver. That means he never read the book, which means he was already using my memories, which mean not omniscient. An administrator wouldn’t have to have read the book to know.
Diagnosis: Human Filth/Filfth. Possibly a magician. Wannabe Werewolf.