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I have known quite a few human-hybrids and have found them to be…human. All. Too. Human.
So now if a human-hybrid was to try to tell me they are a vampyre (or, worse, their human was to attempt it), I would have to say no.
They are vampyre way donkeys are horse. There may be some dna there but they aren’t horses.
Yes, human-hybrids have teeth (fangs) but they almost exclusively live as humans.
They marry humans, have human children, have primarily human friends, enjoy their human co-workers, gossip about human matters, care about human politics/history, etc. They are the Lexus of humans-when we all know Lexus is just a spruced-up Toyota.

Some might say, “what if you want to marry a vampyre? There are more human-hybrids than pure.” First, I don’t know if that is currently true. Second, the longer the human-hybrids stay in their human lives and living with humans, they will eventually revert back to being human. It is part of what the labs did and partially just nature. Third, Unlike many humans my age, I have already been married twice. I can hold out for my ideal. Fourth, I would not do well in a human/humanish relationship. Fifth, I am a vampyre. I don’t even think like humans. It would be destined to fail.

So do I want human-hybrid friends? No. A vast majority think and act like humans. That is the antithesis of what and who I am. I will wait for those who are like me.