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I had a dream once of being at a white house. It was a couple of years before my son was born. President Obama was speaking at a podium on the sidewalk and on the green grass were rows of people kneeling, with their hands tied behind their backs. I cannot recall if any were blindfolded. I then realized my hands were not tied so I stood up and Obama nodded at me. But instead of leaving the property, I heard a lady with an Australian accent telling me to go back inside and I did. She was nowhere to be found. Inside the kitchen was a blonde woman on the kitchen table having a c-section. There was no baby around but her stomach was open. Noel was seated next to her so I sat across from him. He only looked down at the table and would not speak. Looking on the refrigerator, I saw two photos with the eyes x’d out. A man’s voice told me to ask John about his uncle because he became a demon when he died too. I walked into the living room and saw a long line of people walking up the stairs to an upper floor or attic. A red-headed boy was at the top of the stairs. All of their hands were tied behind their backs. He started screaming at me to wake up. Another voice told me I had been very brave to go into the attic. I looked up at the boy again and he appeared truly scared so, from what I recall, I woke up.